Ecoshop – veggie shop in Nur-Sultan

Ecoshop – veggie shop in Nur-Sultan

Vegan and vegetarian shop in Nur-Sultan (Astana) city


Organic and nutritional food is necessary for everyone, especially for allergy sufferers, people with various diseases, as well as those who seek to prolong youth and maintain a good figure.

Nowadays we see a tendency that people began to monitor their diet. More and more often, local buyers are interested in unique, natural products. Therefore, more health products appear on the shelves of local stores.

EcoShop is a chain of healthy food stores and eco – friendly products. The stores have a large selection of natural products and eco – friendly products. The assortment of products is diverse, more than 2000 items in various categories such as food, cosmetics, household chemicals, appliances, seed germination and much more.

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